Fairtrade Campaign

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Train your parents to choose Fair


I choose Fairtrade for Manningham

Do you believe in supporting Fairtrade?

In 2013, Council is championing the Fairtrade message to support fair prices for producers in third world countries. Council is seeking:

  • 200 residents to show their support for choosing Fairtrade products;
  • 10 new businesses to start selling Fairtrade products; and
  • 3 community organisations to sign up and offer the choice of Fairtrade products within their organisation’s activities.

Accept this challenge and lodge your support for Council’s campaign by simply providing us with your postcode.

The use of fairtrade products helps to ensure that small-scale farmers and plantation workers across the world have safe working conditions, receive a fair price for their crops and labour and are helped to develop the skills they need to create a sustainable business environment. Fairtrade agriculture is also considered to be a more ecologically sustainable form of production.

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